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Whisky from Nuremberg


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Nuremberg: Epicenter of the German Whisky Scene

It's not only beer, sausages and gingerbread which are culinary symbols of Nuremberg: The city has become the epicenter of the German whisky scene. And for good reasons!

Germany's oldest whisky club, excellent organic single malt whiskys produced in the heart of the Old Town, custom whisky shops and bars and the whisky fair "The Village" demonstrate the city's fascination for this noble beverage.

Proof that you don't only have to enjoy whisky in liquid form comes from Nuremberg butcher Metzgerei Steiner: They have combined high-quality Scottish malt whisky with the finest ham. In order to fully develop the whisky aroma, the meat ripens over a slow-roasting red-beech flame. The "Grand Malt", as it is called, is one-of-a-kind and an absolute flavour experience.

The creative Nuremberg candy producer "Il Massimo" has also taken up the theme of whisky. The finest truffle pralines in combination with various high-quality whiskys are a must for anyone who craves a highbrow indulgence.

Whisky from Nuremberg
Whisky from Nuremberg

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the latest highlight of the scene is "The Village", Nuremberg's Whisky Fair. Last year, its more than 15,000 visitors catapulted it to first place in the rankings of the best-attended events of this type in Germany - ahead of well-established German whisky events. 

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Moderiert vom Spirituosen-Fachmann des Gelben Haus tauchen Sie ein in die spannende Welt des Whisky, Gin oder Rum, sowie die Herstellung und Kunst des Nosings und Tastings.


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Dive into the world of whisky by taking part in a seminar at the "Gelbes Haus"!

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With the "most Venerable Order of the Highland Circle", Nuremberg is home to Germany's oldest whisky club. Around 60 members meet monthly for tastings. For years, members of the Highland Circle have made regular trips to the favored prouction areas of Scottish single malts.

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At the Altstadthof Brewery, it's not only beer that has been produced from high-quality barley for the last several years: Master Brewer Reinhard Engel also distils excellent single malt whiskeys with great success.

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Nuremberg's Specialties Whisky Specialty Shops & Bars

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