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Culinary Tour through Gostenhof

During this tour from "Eat the World", you’ll receive information about the history, architecture and entertainment possibilities in Nuremberg Gostenhof. You’ll also sample tasty specialties and get to know the trendy artists’ quarter "Goho" through its food and locals.

© Jule Frommelt

This culinary tour will lead you through streets and squares of historical importance, such as the former "Volksbad" public pool and the place where the first train station in Germany was once located. Take a stroll through today's artists' quarter and taste a variety of specialties in small, privately- and locally-owned shops. Join us on our culinary tour and get to know Nuremberg and its people and food.

Dates: regular dates

Duration: 3 hours

Language: German

Price: 44 €

Tickets: online

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