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Schauspiel des Staatstheaters (Nuremberg Playhouse)

Nuremberg’s theatre tradition, which reached its first peak with Hans Sachs in the 16th Century, goes back to the time of the Middle Ages. In 1833, a theatre in the Lorenzer Platz opened, seating 1000. 

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After the destruction of this building in the Second World War, the Lessing Theatre was temporarily used as a performing venue until the new playhouse next to the Opera House was opened in September 1959. This was followed by the building of the chamber stage in 1962 and the “BlueBox”, much more recently, in 2002, as a platform especially for contemporary works. In 2010, after two years of renovation, the Nuremberg Schauspielhaus opened its doors again to the public – more comfortable and technically more modern than ever.

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