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Ballet of the Staatstheater

Since 2008/2009 season, Spanish dancer and choreographer Goyo Montero, who had been the first senior solo dancer at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, arrived as the new ballet director at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. With him a new and exciting era began for ballet in Nuremberg, as well as for the audience, who like the press have welcomed his work with great enthusiasm.

© Jesus Vallinas

Ballett © Jesus Vallinas

Based on classical ballet, the ensemble displays outstanding technique on the stage and combines this with many different contemporary styles and “dance languages“, from modern dance to neoclassicism, from Spanish dance to dance theatre. In addition to this, ballet director Montero also introduces other narrative methods into his dramatic ballets, borrowing from genres such as shadow theatre, puppet theatre or film. Sometimes in abstract form, sometimes more concretely, his choreographies narrate stories in a scenic sequence of emotional and moving images. 

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