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Stars at the Luitpoldhain

August 7, 2022

A fantastic summer evening with wild music and a triumphant crowd of spectators: The Nuremberg drummer Wolfgang Haffner will gather together musical cohorts to perform.

Stars at the Luitpoldhain
© Uwe Niklas

© Uwe Niklas

His specially-selected German All Star Big Band, conducted by Jörg Achim Kellner, formed a virtuoso back-up for an open air concert that set new standards.

On Sunday, August 6, at 8 pm, the Luitpoldhain Park was a mecca for jazz and soul fans – and all free-of-charge. Anyone who knows this exceptional drummer can already guess that the "who’s who" of both genres will share the stage with him. After all, friends are friends ...

Date: August 7, 2022

Location: Luitpoldhain, Nuremberg 

Free entry! 

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