Fränkische Schweiz - Franconian Switzerland - is tucked between the cities of Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth. It's easy to reach from the Autobahn A 9 (Munich - Berlin) and the A 73 (Nuremberg - Bamberg). And it's only a half-hour drive from the Nuremberg Airport.

Caves, Castles & Culture

These three things make Franconian Switzerland so special. Spectacular stalactite caves, more than 70 romantic castles and ruins on the peaks of sheer rocky hills and architectural marvels such as the Baroque pilgrimage church of Gößweinstein create a harmonic grouping, concentrated in a small area.

Dreamy Landscapes, Good for the Soul

The one-of-a-kind natural landscape with its bizarre rock formations, idyllic river valleys and charming villages full of half-timbered houses is sometimes considered the "birthplace of German Romanticism", ever since the area was discovered by the poets and painters of that era. The ever-changing landscape - soft and wild, craggy and cozy - is both an adventure and a balm for the soul: A "haven for the German spirit".

Treasures from Kettles and Stills

Fascinating scenery in spring: Blossom time in Europe's largest cherry-growing region. At harvest time it's easy to just pop the sweet fruit in your mouth - although saving it for a distillery also has its rewards. A visit to one is an experience for all the senses. Beer also plays a special role in Franconian Switzerland: It has the highest density of breweries in Europe. Hike from brewery to brewery and sample the golden gems of small country brews ... It's pure pleasure!

Culinary Temptations

Delicacies from country inns and beer cellars come in all varieties. Crisp roasted Schäuferle pork shoulder, freshly-caught trout from crystal-clear streams, spicy locally-grown horseradish, all kinds of sweet treats: This region has a full range of delicious traditions. And it's also known for its excellent value for money. Enjoy!

Discover the Possibilities

Mountain biking on a perfect obstacle course, climbing on cliffs with the highest level of difficulty, hiking on more than 4000 kilometers of marked trails, touring an exciting cave, bicycling or fly fishing in romantic streams: There's something for everyone here.

Overnight Stays with Flair and Quality

Staying overnight in Franconian Switzerland means no big and soulless chains, but small hotels und Gasthöfe with flair and comfort. A wide selection of good three- and four-star hotels for groups will meet every need - and at good prices. And with a little bit "more" of service and quality. Nice places to stay - typical Franconian Switzerland