As the audience watches in suspense to see if Brewer Willi Deiffel and his daughter Franziska can survive the evil plans of Konstanze Schartnagel, the gastro team serves them a four-course menu and refreshing beer.

Culinary theater with roast pork and beer

Nuremberg without beer? Unthinkable. In the Middle Ages, the Nuremberg City Council was even required to keep citizens well supplied with beer. This costly treasure was stored in an extensive labyrinth of cellars carved into the hill underneath the castle. One can still tour these cellars today. Those who do get to know Germany’s first organic brewery, located in the Nuremberg Altstadthof.

Since 1984, Brewmaster Reinhard Engel has created his Nuremberg Rotbier in copper kettles and wooden kegs in this historical building complex at the foot of the Nuremberg castle. The two restaurants in the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof are a meeting place for fans of beer and a good night out. With the stage in the Altstadthof, one also attracts theater fans to an amusing Franconian combination of culinary and cultural enjoyment.