Bamberg is a work of art that has been in progress for a thousand years but which is as alive and youthful as ever! Experience Bamberg in all its glory!

The many faces of this UNESCO World Heritage City are perhaps what fascinate visitors the most. The "City on the Hills" represents Franconia's answer to Rome, the "Island City" is its pulsating heart. The "Market Gardeners' District" is a unique urban landmark characterised by large expanses of land and charming houses so typical for this quarter.

Bamberg has been an "episcopal town" for a thousand years, whilst the "shopping town" invites you to browse through the many modern and trendy shops in an historical setting. Every winter Bamberg transforms into a "nativity town" full of enchantment - romance is in the air all year round admidst the plendour of the "baroque town" of Bamberg. The "cultural city" has international acclaim through the world-famous Bambergs Symphony Orchestra.