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Manatee House

The West Indian Manatee, which belongs to the manatee family (family Trichedhidae, genus "Trichechus"), is not just the namesake of the tropical house in the Nuremberg Zoo, but als its stars.

© Christine Dierenbach

© Christine Dierenbach

The Manatee House lures visitors into the world of the Amazon, with all its sounds, colors and smells. Children and adults can experience the gentle and peaceful sea cows close up and personal - walking over the water in the tropical house and under water in the Blue Salon, where you can observe sea lions and dolphins from the neighboring dolphin lagoon.

The Manatee House at the Nuremberg Zoo may be the first of its kind: Most of the animals are not behind glass or bars, but are living free in the middle of a tropical rain forest filled with lianas, pineapples and rubber trees. Colorful butterflies flutter around, sloths climb above the heads of visitors, adorable white-faced Sakis move from tree to tree and quaking frogs and tropical birds give a concert of sound. Especially fascinating is the green iguanas – although they can grow more than 2 meters long, they are very peaceful companions because they are vegetarians!

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