Building begun about 1250. Originally built as a three-aisled basilica in the high Gothic style; later extended with an imposing late Gothic hall choir (1439-1477).

Magnificent west facade with splendid portal richly decorated with statuary and rose window (mid-14th c.). Two towers 80 and 81 meters high. Important works of art: the Annunciation by Veit Stoß (1518), tabernacle by Adam Kraft (1496), medieval altars, memorial plaques, stained glass.

Key facts:

  • together with St. Sebald and the Church of Our Lady one of the three most important churches in Nuremberg
  • the three-part pipe organ in Lorenz is one of the largest in the world, with 12,000 pipes and 165 registers
  • the oldest of 16 bells was cast in the 14th century
  • the Angelic Greeting (1517/1518) from Veit Stoß can be found in St. Lorenz