St. John's Cemetery is one of the most notable burial grounds in Europe. For example, Albrecht Dürer and Veit Stoß are buried here. The cemetery was created as the result of a somewhat progressive decision by the Town Council in the early 16th century prohibiting any more burials within the Old Town walls.

Thus, new cemeteries were opened for both town parishes just outside the town walls. In the St. Sebaldus parish the grounds of the old leprosy infirmary were extended. From 1518 well into the mid-19th century all Nuremberg citizens were buried either here or in the St. Roch's Cemetery in the St. Lawrence parish on the other side of the town.

Key facts:

  • the cemetery was named Germany's most beautiful in 2013
  • many important Nuremberg personalities are buried here, including Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoß and Ludwig Feuerbach
  • in 1234, a cemetery for lepers was created here, as lepers could not be buried within the city walls
  • here, one finds culturally important graves and gravestones as well as artistically valuable bronze epitaphs