The focus of the Art Villa is to research, present and interpret regional art history from 1900 on as well as to offer an overview of the contemporary art scene. This listed Neo-Baroque villa underwent a major renovation and redesign for its new use as an art museum. Broadly speaking, the Villa’s appearance has changed little from when it was built in 1894. Fortunately large sections of the valuable interiors could be saved. As an art museum the building will continue to reflect the dialog between the past and the present.

Themed as well as solo exhibitions on 20th and 21st century art from the municipal collections as well as from public and private lenders will be displayed on ca. 600 sqm of exhibition area. A varied program for children, young people and adults will be offered in cooperation with the Art Education Center of the Museums in Nuremberg (KPZ). Tours by curators promise an insight into the “Making of” an exhibition. Moreover, question-and-answer sessions with artists, podium discussions and advanced creative workshops will turn the Art Villa into a lively place for encountering art and exchanging ideas.