Albrecht Dürer's House, which has recently been restored, presents in a new concept the living and working quarters of one of the most famous painters and graphicartists in art history, namely Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528).

Dürer lived in the massive half-timbered house - built in 1420 - from 1509 to 1528. This undestroyed burgher's residence from Nuremberg's golden age is at the same time one of the few surviving 16th century artist's houses in Europe. It contains reconstructed living areas and kitchens as well as a large workshop with functioning printing equipment. The rooms today convey an authentic atmosphere and reflect the history of the house as the first northern European artist's museum since 1828.

The Dürer Hall

Valuable copies of Dürer paintings will be presented in the newly created Dürer Hall from the summer of 2012. In the Cabinet of Prints and Drawings special exhibitions will display treasures from the large number of holdings in the graphics collection of the museen of the city of Nürnberg. Finally, Agnes Dürer, his wife, takes you through the master's house, via an audioguide in several languages and even personally in special tours - of course, in guise of an actress.

Key facts:

  • the house was built around 1420
  • it is the only remaining home of an artist from the 16th century in northern Europe
  • the Walther family sold the house to Albrecht Dürer in 1509 for a sum of 275 Gulden
  • Albrecht Dürer lived and worked here for almost 20 years
  • after his death, the house changed owners at least 24 times