Merchant's House, Patrician's Palatial Residence, Map Publishers, Museum - the City Museum Nuremberg at Fembo's House built between 1591 and 1596 at the foot of the Imperial Castle is many-faceted.

Nuremberg’s only surviving large late Renaissance merchant’s house has been serving as a municipal museum since 1953 and today invites you to embark on a fascinating journey through Nuremberg's magnificent history. Important stations over 950 years of eventful historical developments are brought to life through original rooms, room installations and numerous audio plays: from the first documentary mention of Nuremberg in 1050 up to the 21st century.

The Exhibition

The entertaining journey through time begins in the 4th upper story with the large wooden model of the Old Town. Visitors then pass through 26 rooms of the house and discover the diverse, ever more intriguing development of a large town. The exhibition forum with its changing presentations is the showcase for Nuremberg's history, art and culture.

Key facts:

  • contains one of the most precise and true-to-detail city models in all of Germany, created in 1939
  • Nuremberg's only remaining large merchant's house from the late Renaissance
  • of all the historical homes in Nuremberg, the main section of the Fembo House is the only one to survive World War II intact
  • since the war the Fembo House has served as city museum