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Culinary delight

Food and Drink in Nuremberg

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Food & Drink in Nuremberg

More than another city in Germany, Nuremberg stands for culinary delights. While gingerbread is most popular during the Christmas season, the city's finger-sized sausages can be enjoyed all year long. Franconian specialties such as a crispy "Schäufele" pork shoulder or pan-fried carp are also worth a try. A cool beer from a small an privately owned Franconian brewery is alway the right accompaniment.

In Nuremberg, it's not just traditional Franconian food that you'll find on your plate: A wide variety of gourmet restaurants offer pleasures for sophisticated palates. Fresh regional products - often from the near-by "Knoblauchsland" vegetable cultivation area - are the stars here. It's therefore no surprise that Nuremberg, as a "BioMetropole", has taken up the cause of organics. And as Germany's secret capital of food trucks, there's no end to the clever and creative compositions you can sample.

Nuremberg Culinary Tipps: Oliver Kirschner

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"We have a lot of fun discovering local flavors and finding the great things this region has to offer, yet broaden our horizons and look for interesting international ingredients and flavor combinations."

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