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The "Franconian Lake District" is a relative newcomer to Franconian tourism. This leisure and holiday area, located 30 kilometers south of Nuremberg and therefore in the middle of Bavaria, was only created a few decades ago and has developed into an ideal holiday and leisure area for the entire family.
Relax and enjoy nature as you discover the hiking trails of the Franconian Lake District. Shining lakes, colorful meadows and broad forests, low hills – sometimes crowned with a castle – and natural wonders such as the Schnittlinger Loch gorge or the Steinerne Rinne tufa channel are all part of the landscape of the Franconian Lake District. Hikers will find more than 1500 kilometers of...
Everyone knows the Nuremberg bratwurst are smaller than most, yet taste amazing. But why are they so small? We’d like to explore this question a little. There are a lot of theories and stories which hope to explain the size of Nuremberg bratwurst. We’ve picked out the best for you:
In the Middle Ages, the gates were locked at night. That’s why Nuremberg innkeepers found it very practical to have sausages small enough to pass through a keyhole. They could therefore serve guests during the evening and night. Another legend claims that the prisoners in the Nuremberg dungeons were served sausages by the guards. They bored an extra hole – in German the word is “Loch” – in...
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