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Farmers' market, Easter market, Autumn market, Christmas market. As in the olden days, there is a bustle of activity all year round at the Nuremberg Hauptmarkt. If you have some time to spare, despite all the bustle, you can enjoy the many intricate details of the Schönen Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain), or wait for the stroke of 12 o'clock noon to see the famous clockwork figures high up on the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).
Colourful market stands with fresh fruit and vegetables, bright flowers, crispy bread and other treats. On weekdays at the Nuremberg Hauptmarkt (main market) you can buy regional and international specialities, have a chat with the market woman and enjoy the mediaeval flair of the centuries -old square. Clear the stage for the Nuremberg Christmas Angel From the Friday before the first...
Experience Nuremberg in a sociable way and combine your visit to the historic and traditional Old Town with the enjoyment of typical Franconian specialties in various restaurants.
The charming anecdotes about the history of the town add spice to the tour. A certified tour guide will lead you through Nuremberg in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Last but not least, long-established restaurants will provide you an unforgettable culinary tour through Nuremberg. Dates Price: 62 € Meeting Point: Schöner Brunnen, Hauptmarkt (Beautiful...
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