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Your Nuremberg Research – Our Support for You

Imperial Castle
Imperial Castle © Uwe Niklas

As your professional contact partner, we can offer both written and personal background information for your research or put you in touch with the right person to answer your questions. You can find a selection of basic press texts and photo and video material here.

Press Trips to Nuremberg

Are you interested in a press trip to Nuremberg? We would be happy to support you by organizing filming permits, arranging interviews with experts, coordinating additional press contacts and helping you find hotels and other cooperative partners. Depending on the length and goal of your trip, you may receive a free-of-charge NUREMBERG CARD and our basic press kit.

Please fill out our  request-form and send it to: We will consider your request and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please note: As Nuremberg is a popular trade fair center, you should inform yourself about fairs taking place during your planned press trip  (You can find an up-to-date trade fair calendar here). We recommend that you avoid these dates if possible, as hotel capacity is extremely limited at these times.

Nuremberg Press Kit

You can order our press kit and other tourism print products. We're happy to send them to you.

Our Press and Public Relations Team will be happy to help you!

Press and Public Relations Contact Us

Sarah Mörsdorf
Sarah Mörsdorf
PR and Communication
Sarah Mörsdorf
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Franziska Steyer
Franziska Steyer
PR and Marketing
Franziska Steyer
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