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Safe Travel to and within Nuremberg

Here you can find all the information you need to travel to and within Nuremberg. Whether at the airport, in the train station or while traveling with your own auto to a hotel, your safety is always our top priority. We have established a multitude of hygiene measures to assure that you can visit without worry.

Read on to learn about your arrival, where to be tested, hygiene concepts and other helpful information.

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Safe Arrival and Departure from the Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg

Arrive safely at the Airport Nuremberg: A hygiene plan at the airport ensures maximum safety for all travelers and employees. If you require a corona test at the airport, two test stations are available: One Corona Test Centers at the P7 parking area as well as a test station in Departure Area 1.


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Travel with German Rail during Corona

In Bavaria it is required by law to wear a mask in all busses, trains and in stations. This is also required for all train journeys within Bavaria. There are test centers located near the Nuremberg Main Train Station. Private test centers near the train station at Bahnhofstraße 11 and Bahnhofstraße 13-15.


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VAG’s Hygiene Plan

The VAG - Nuremberg's public transportation authority - has created a hygiene plan which assures worry-free use of public transportation within the region. Please note that in Bavaria you are required to wear a mask in all busses and trains. This is also required in all public transportation facilities such as bus or train stops, elevators and underground/subway stations.

Detail (in German only)

Nuremberg’s Taxi Hygiene Plan

To make sure your ride in a taxi is as safe as possible, there are "safe taxis" available in Nuremberg. They are fitted with plexiglass panels between the driver and the back seat. Guests in a taxi are required to wear a mask. For maximum protection, enter the back seat of the cab and pay with a credit card. After each trip, the seats and the handles of the vehicle will be disinfected by the taxi personnel.

 Detail (in German only)

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Hygiene in Nuremberg Hotels

To provide you a safe and comfortable stay, the hotels in Nuremberg have created a variety of hygiene protocols, including more intensive cleaning procedures. To protect you and other guests, it is required to wear a mask in all indoor public areas. Upon arrival, proof of immunization, recovery from Covid or a negative test (Known in German as 3G) is required. The test must have taken place in the last 24 hours and must be repeated every 72 hours. If you arrive without a valid test, you may take one in nearby test centers in Nuremberg or at some hotels (please contact your host for more information).


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Attending an Event in Nuremberg

Whether you are attending a private or professional event, meeting or convention, it is important for us in Nuremberg that your health is protected. To that end, the NurembergMesse, service providers and event locations have developed appropriate safety and hygiene concepts. We have put together a compact checklist for your visit to or planning of an event in Nuremberg.


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Safety and Hygiene Concept of the NurembergMesse

The NurembergMesse has developed a premium standard for hygiene and safety in its trade fair and conference centers to provide optimal protection for all participants. The concept is based on the hygiene protection regulations of the State of Bavaria, as the team of the Messe was an active participant in creating these regulations.


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Hygiene in Nuremberg Restaurants

Because your safety in our restaurants is important to us, guests are required to wear a mask until they are seated at their places. Every restaurant has created a comprehensive hygiene plan which includes the correct minimum distance between tables, guidance to keep guests safely apart and collection of contact data. Many restaurants have created larger outdoor dining spaces so you can enjoy your visit in the fresh air.


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Test Centers in Nuremberg

In Nuremberg there are many test centers where you may be tested for the Corona virus. PCR tests are offered by the municipal test center at the Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg as well as some medical practices. If your doctor's office does not perform tests, you can call the "Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KVB) on 116 117 to find out which practices test in your area.

You can also take rapid antigen tests at the airport and at some private testing centers. If you are traveling by train, you will find a test center directly at Bahnhofstrasse 11. You will also find test centers within the old town and the other parts of the city.


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