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The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds - Steintribüne
© Uwe Niklas

Up to the present day the "Nuremberg Rallies", the "Nuremberg Laws" and the "Nuremberg Trials" link the city's name to the period of Nazi rule. The tour, guided by Geschichte Für Alle e.V., presents the rallies as mass-propaganda shows but also gives an insight into the system of concentration and extermination camps which went hand in hand with the propaganda. In addition, there is discussion about how the grounds should be used today.

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2 Stunden
Dokumentationszentrum ( Documentation Center), Bayernstrasse 110
Available languages:
German / English / French / Italian / Polish / Russian / Spanish
Group size:
max. 20 persons per tour guide
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2 Stunden 125 € 145 €
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