If you stroll from St. Sebald's Church to Nuremberg's main market square, you can't escape the delicious smell of Nuremberg bratwurst. The reason for this is the Bratwursthäusle, where original Nuremberg sausages have been grilled on a beechwood fire since 1312.

In keeping with historical tradition, the Bratwursthäusle has its own in-house butcher shop, where bratwurst are produced fresh each day. Only regional products from long-term suppliers are used, in order to meet the Behringer family's high demands for quality. That's why convenience products are taboo. Modern equipment combined with artisan knowledge has made these bratwurst popular all over the world and for many decades.

Guests can enjoy their original Nuremberg bratwurst and a freshly-tapped Tucher beer on two terraces, surrounded by the historical setting of St. Sebald Church, the Old City Hall and the main market square.

In the restaurant, the sausages are prepared on an open beechwood fire. Just as Albrecht Dürer, our guests are served these little treats on a pewter plate, always fresh from the grill. It's not a gas flame or charcoal, but beechwood that has been stored at least three years that give the bratwurst something extra special and they are always carefully grilled by hand.