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Germany's Largest Whisky Fair: "The Village"

the latest highlight of the scene is "The Village", Nuremberg's Whisky Fair. Last year, its more than 15,000 visitors catapulted it to first place in the rankings of the best-attended events of this type in Germany - ahead of well-established German whisky events. 

Whiskymesse Nürnberg/AFAG Messen

The Village Whisk(e)y-Messe Nürnberg

The AFAG Exhibit Association offers 60 companies the opportunity to display their wares in a village backdrop with stylized house facades, small shops, a pub and cottage house and Scottish and Irish accessories. Almost 800 whiskeys from 12 countries are available to taste. This trip around the world in search of "liquid gold" takes place each year on the weekend of the "Freizeit Messe Nuremberg"

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