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Tips about Horseradish from the Bavarian Horseradish Queen Christine I

With so much horseradish expertise around Nuremberg, it's no surprise that her majesty, the Bavarian Horseradish Queen Christine I, comes from the area. As the daughter of a horseradish farmer, she knows all about harvesting this spicy root and gives tips here about cooking and enjoying horseradish. Read her favorite horseradish recipe and further personal tips about horseradish here.

What makes the horseradish from the Nuremberg region so special? Why does it taste particularly good?

The good sandy soil here in the region is essential for the growth of horseradish: It grows well, receives enough nutrient and develops into a nice strong plant. The horseradish also requires a lot of care from farmers. As horseradish has been grown here since the 15th century, one can speak of an agricultural tradition. Through the many centuries, cultivation has been perfected and the horseradish from the metropolitan region is particularly tasty.

In which Nuremberg restaurant do you like to eat horseradish? Do you have a personal tip for our tourists?

In Nuremberg there are many restaurants which do excellent job preparing horseradish dishes. I would find it difficult to mentions just one... and as my parents are horseradish farmers and I've eaten it as home since I was a little child, I think it tastes best when my mother cookes it!

What experiences about the topic of horseradish can you recommend in Nuremberg?

Every visitor to the region should visit a good "bratwurst kitchen" and order bratwurst with horseradish. In Franconia, this spicy root is the traditional accompaniment to bratwurst. And bratwurst and horseradish are always worth trying.

If you are interested in horseradish as more than just something to eat, you should visit the "spiciest museum in the world" in Baiersdorf. Pictures, tools and other historical objects surrounding the topic of horseradish show visitors intersting and authentic knowledge about the tradition-filled history of this spicy root.

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