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"From Beer Inspectors to Brewer's Stars"

Tour for Groups in Nuremberg!

700 years of Nuremberg brewing history.

[Translate to Englisch:] Stadtführung in Gruppen in Nürnberg! (Foto: S. Riese)

700 years of Nuremberg brewing history - Rotbier, Weißbier, Braunbier, Weizenbier, brewing in Nuremberg is a long tradition! For more than 700 years, beer has been brewed in the former Free Imperial City. In earlier times, brewing was controlled by the city’s brew masters and took place according to strict regulations "so that the common people, both the poor and the rich, could enjoy good beer "!


Do you know about "beer inspectors" and "beer samples" or the difference between winter and summer beer? In an entertaining tour through the Old Town, you’ll learn interesting facts about Nuremberg’s brewing history – for more than 150 years until today "in the sign of the Moor "!

Length: ca. 2 hours
Meeting point: Beautiful Fountain at the main market square
Languages: German and English
Group size: max. 25 persons
Costs: German 98 € / English 117 €

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