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Thomas Förster - Bratwurst Röslein

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Thomas Förster - Bratwurst Röslein

I'm Thomas Förste, your host in Bratwurst Röslein, the largest sausage restaurant in the world, direct on Nuremberg's main market square.

I was born in 1964 in Nuremberg and grew up in a butcher shop. At that time, Grandma and Grandpa, together with my parents, ran the "Alstadtmetzgerei Förster (Old Town Butcher Shop Förster) in the Laufer Gasse in Nuremberg. This was a long-established small butcher shop in the heart of the Old Town, which had been founded in 1901 by my grandfather, Hermann Förster.

As a small boy, I was always curious when I was in the butcher workshop with my Grandpa, papa and my brother Michael, who are all Master Butchers! There I learned what high-quality Nuremberg bratwurst really is.

I went on to learn gastronomy and become a hotel specialist, including a stint at the hotel school. Then followed many stations in hotels and restaurants until I became self-employed at age 24.

In 2013, I could fulfill a dream and take over northern Bavaria's largest gastronomic business, "Bratwurst Röslein". With enthusiasm, commitment and a lot of fun, I run this huge establishment together with my brother Michael and our families. Today I know that my grandfather and father taught me the most important things for my life: Always have the best quality and good service.

Michael Förster (55), with his qualifications as a Master Butcher, stands for the top quality in our restaurant. I take care of the guests and co-workers, around 80 well-motivated people in the kitchen and as servers.

What makes me most happy is to have contact with my guests. In addition to the many local Franconians who visit our establishment, we also have many guests from all over the world, including many promiment and famous personalities. I am a HOST, not just with body and soull, but also with heart.

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