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Tasty Tips from Sebastian Kunkel

Where does Sebastian Kunke go to eat when he gets hungry? What kind of culinary secrets is he willing to share? Take advice from an expert.

How would you describe nuremberg in three words?

Nuremberg is what it is with conviction and pride. Down-to-earth, honest and hardheaded.

Culturally and culinary, Nuremberg has a wide spectrum to offer. From the Germanische Nationalmuseum to the Bardentreffen, summer open-air cinema, the Documentation Centre to Rock im Park. Culinary it's the same: From classic Franconian cuisine to fine dining, excellent Turkish restaurants, authentic Thai food to burgers and curry-wurst.

With their special charm - whis is the first discovered when you take a second look - people in Nuremberg are cordial and sincere. If you make a friend in Nuremberg, you have a friend for life.

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't find in other cities of its type?

You're known as a real local "Nuremberger" when you order the grilled bratwurst with horseradish. The fit together remarkably well. The "Blaue Zipfel" (Nuremberg sausages cooked in a spiced broth with onions) count as a culinary specialty too. And I think the asparagus here tastes better than anywhere else - but I may be prejudiced!

Something else that must be mentioned is the unbelievable varied beer culture in Nuremberg and the region. In Franconia, we have the highest density of breweries in the world.

What personal dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nurember? Is there something a visitor must try?

Apart from the typical Franconian restaurants and gourmet establishments there are a couple of nice culinary "corners" in Nuremberg. the open-faced sandwiches at the Schnepperschütz at the Hallertor are especially good. Nuremberg's little coffee roaster Machhörndel in the Oberen Kieselbergstraße is always worth a visit and a cappuccino. The best "Pfefferbeißer" sausages are from the Fränkische Räucherkammer in the Breiten Gasse.
Also to be recommended and something quite distinctive is the bratwurst sushi at Sushi Glas on the Kornmarkt. You'll find a little bit of Tuscany at the Vetrina Toscana in the Oberen Kreuzgasse.
If you're hungry late at night, I recommend the WurstDurst homemade curry-wurst and sauce in the Luitpoldstraße.

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