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Recipe: Build Your Own "Papa Panama" Burger

If you think that there's no recipe necessary for a burger, think again: It's only tje creative mix of meat, bun, exotic fruits and vegetables and a well-matched sauce that make a perfect culinary delight. Michael Groß lets us in on the secret of his "Papa Panama".

Ingredients for "Papa Panama" Burgers: 

  • Freshly-baked brioche buns
  • Mixed fresh lettuce
  • Medium-grilled ground beef
  • Grilled beet strips
  • Papapya
  • Avocado
  • Habanero chili mayo
  • Salsa verde
  • Wooden skewers


Form the seasoned ground beef into a burger patty and grill it in a pan. Don't cook it completely through, but leave it medium, so that the flavor of the meat comes through. 

Slice the vegetables and fruit into small pieces, so they fit on the burger bun.

Arrange the meat patty and other ingredients (in any order) on the bun. Use a wooden skewer to hold the ensemble together.



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