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Kai Behringer - Behringer's Bratwurstküchen

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Kai Behringer - Behringer's Bratwurstküchen

I was born in 1966 as a real "Nuremberger" in the Hallerwiese Hospital. I grew up in my parent's business, the Bratwursthäusle. As a baby, my mother laid me in the bread basket on the counter of the restaurant and so almost from day one I could breathe in "inkeeper's air".

We Franconians are sometimes accused of being so down-to-earth that we are not interested in anything new. I want to prove that isn't true. After school, I went to the Steigenberger hotel school in Bad Reichenhall and learned to be a restaurant specialist in Munich. After that, I returned to Nuremberg, where, at age 22, I took over my first restaurant as one of the youngest people to do so. After more than a year in Nuremberg, I decided I wanted to see the world and I then spent time in the USA, Spain and France. In the middle of my 20's I returned to my home town and began to help my parents in their business.

In more than 50 years, the Bratwursthäusle has become an institution, both for regular guests and visitors to our beautiful city. It has always been our goal to serve the best bratwurst possible. That's why we are the only restaurant that prepares them fresh each day in our own in-house butcher shop. And we are the only ones who use pork hams to make sausages!

We have bought our meat from the same sources for more than 40 years. The best-quality meat with the best Thuringian majoram prepared fresh each day - that's our secret.

Kai Behringer
Kai Behringer © Ute Wünsch

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