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Culinary tips: Ingrid Neef

No one can just walk by the creative, seductive display windows of the neef confectionary. The most delicious cake creations, tortes and - naturally - gingerbread always draw you in for a sweet snack with Mrs. Neef. The head of the house has one or two secret tips to offer... and not just for sweets, but also hearty treats. 

How would you describe Nuremberg in three words?

Magical, delicious, lively

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't fin in other cities of its type?

Absolutely fresh lettuce, vegetables and asparagus from the farmers of the "Knoblauchsland". "Elisenlebkuchen" gingerbread and special types of gingerbread with unique spice combinations, fresh baked for Christmas. Farmer's bread in over-sized loaves with a crispy crust. Cherries and plums from Franconian Switzerland" made into cakes, strudel or schnapps. Red beer from small breweries. "Schäufele" pork shoulder with a crispy crust.

What personal dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nuremberg? Is there something a visitor must try?

Braised ox cheek (Essigbrätlein), wild game at Rottner, Schäufele at Höllerzeder in the Albrecht-Dürer-Stube. In the summer "Kirschenmännle" bread pudding with vanilla sauce at neef, during Advent, gingerbread strudel. 

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