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Culinary tips: Frank Mackert

Everyone in Nuremberg has his or her own secret tips about the city. And Frank Mackert is willing to share his personal highlights with you. He knows not only typical Franconian gastronomy but also sets international influences in focus.

How would you describe Nuremberg in three words?

Cultural - sporty - culinary

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't find in other cities of its type?

That's easy: The bratwurst are too short!

What personal dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nuremberg? Is there something a visitor must try?

My personal secret tip is lu&On, because the cuisine there distinguishes itself from all other Thai restaurantss (with the exception of the Restaurant Etage) through the freshness of its dishes. The style of cooking is also remarkable and very different from the usual mishmash of a cheap Thai place. Small but exquisite! 

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