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Tasty tips: Diana Burkel

Born in Nuremberg, Diana Burkel has some good ideas about what to do in her hometown. For her, cooking is not just a job, it's a passion.

How would you describe Nuremberg in three words?

Home - cosmopolitan - tradition

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't find in other cities of its type?

Here, colleagues work together - for charity, for example. On one hand, you have a proud attitude about epicurean Nuremberg traditions, on the other hand, openness to new culinary ideas.

What personal dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nuremberg? Is there something a visitor must try?

Eat bratwurst, eat gingerbread - they belong to this city. But also take a look at what Nuremberg chefs are cooking with local products - far away from franchises. 

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