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Cooking Class: Best of Breakfasts

Breakfast like a king! Relax and begin the day with a hot coffee, tea or a delicious fresh juice. At a beautifully laid breakfast table start the day with family and friends. The morning couldn’t be cozier.

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After a warm welcome and in a relaxed atmosphere, we'll prepare pancakes, waffles and hearty spreads for bread. You'll conjure up a variety of dishes made from eggs and flour and create a pudding from chia seeds. At the same time, you'll enjoy refreshing homemade smoothies, which are full of vitamins. With a balanced breakfast, you have the perfect foundation for a day filled with energy. Our recipes don't need much work yet produce big results. At our Best of Breakfasts, discover how you can make fantastic food in a few easy steps and spoil your friends and family with a delicious breakfast or brunch.

Cooking class is in German!

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