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Cooking Course by Cookionista: Franconian Cuisine

Franconian cuisine - Classic recipes and culinary traditions

An introductory cooking course for classic Franconian recipes: From bratwurst to Schäufele pork shoulder to apple fritters; from sauerkraut to horseradish.

The say that Franconians are a little different... and the cuisine is one-of-a-kind! In this cooking course, you'll get to know traditional Franconian food and drink and the secrets of Franconian cuisine. How do you make a perfect potato dumpling? What's the best sauerkraut recipe? And why is beer an essential ingredient in every Franconian kitchen? We'll cook Schäufele pork shoulder and Nuremberg bratwurst, sample horseradish and bake fresh Franconian apple fritters. All the recipes are available exclusivley for participants in the cookionista app, so you can prepare the at home.

Dates upon request: 6 pm - 10.30 pm
Includes: Aperitif, dinner, water, soft drinks, beer, wine and coffee
Options: Other cooking courses, dates available at the website
Price: 89 €

You can book by telephone at +49 911 888161, per email at, at the web address or buy tickets at the Tourist Information Offices at Königstraße 93 or Hauptmarkt 18.

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