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Cooking Class: Sauces and Stocks

The stock is the trick! In our sauce cooking class, we will prepare homemade stocks and sauces from vegetables, chicken, veal and fish – and matching menus.

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All freshly made and natural, of course! How can you make great sauces, stocks, gravies and marinades without packaged products? In our sauce cooking class, you'll learn the basics and important techniques for sauces and stocks: Reducing, creaming, emulsifying und thickening. After sharing an aperitif together, we will cook stock from vegetables, chicken and fish and calf bones. We will then use our stocks to create sophisticated sauces and cook dishes in which they shine - lemon-marinated chicken on greens, salmon in tarragon sauce, braised veal cheeks and a delightful dessert. Aromatic, clever and unbelievably delicious!

Cooking class is in German!

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