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Cooking Class: Happy Pasta!

Pasta is real soul food! Homemade noodles are especially delicious. In our pasta cooking class, we will prepare pasta dough and clever sauces.

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There's a huge variety of pasta types in Italy: Anelli, bavette, creste di gallo, farfalle, garganelli, gnochetti, lasagnette, macheroni, orecchiette, pappardelle, pasta integrale, ricciolo, sedanini, strozzapreti, tortiglioni... The secret of a perfect pasta dish is matching the right pasta with the sauce that's best for it. You'll taste the difference! In our pasta cooking class, we will make homemade noodle dough and a variety of pasta. We'll then make various sauces and pesto and share in a fabulous pasta buffet.

Cooking class is in German!

Operator: Cookionista

Price: 109,- €

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Krugstraße 12, 90419 Nürnberg, Deutschland


360 Minutes


109,00 EUR Standard
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