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Brewing beer at home is easier than you think! Our brewing class is for anyone interested in beer and would like to drink their own brew.

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There's no magic to the art of brewing beer! During breakfast, where we share a meal of Weißwurst, we'll talk about the world of beer brewing. During this class, you'll learn everything you need to know to brew your own beer at home. A complete day of brewing is part of the program, where you'll be taught not only theory, but praxis. From maceration to hopping to filling the bottles - we'll show you each individual step in the brewing process and will make our own typical American Pale Ale. You'll enjoy a delicious lunch, sample a variety of beers and leave at the end of the day with a lot of knowledge about beer - complete with a beer brewing starter set for your own fermentation at home.

Cooking class is in German!

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