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Walk through Savory Nuremberg

Enjoy a culinary tour of Nuremberg’s historic center as you learn about the city’s rich history. Taste some popular traditional Franconian foods.

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Learn how the history of Nuremberg is closely entwined with its cuisine on a 1.5-hour walking tour. From the ox on Butcher's Bridge to the secrets of the bratwurst, discover the tempting side of the historic center. Experience the fragrance of traditional gingerbread, the hustle and bustle of medieval sausage eateries and the rich taste of regional beers.
Start out from Nuremberg’s main square in the heart of the historic center and head out to explore the narrow alleyways that date from the Middle Ages.
Walk across bridges and pass picturesque half-timbered houses as you head to the breathtaking St. Sebaldus Church. Enjoy bites of Franconian specialties along the way.

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