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Nuremberg St. Johannis

On our culinary city tour through Nuremberg St. Johannis, we’ll discover the spirit, elegance, art and enjoyment offered in Nuremberg’s most hip quarter.

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St. Johannis is one of the most interesting areas of Nuremberg: It's young and, at the same time, elegant. Factory lofts, cafés, artists' galleries and wonderful old buildings abound. This is where the big city meets nature - and history blends with a modern zeitgeist. On our tour through Nuremberg St. Johannis, we'll take an aperitif, stroll the Baroque gardens along the river to Nuremberg's most-famous cemetery, sample lebkuchen from the best gingerbread baker in the area and discover exciting new gastronomic ideas that give this quarter its special flair.

Tour is in German!

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