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Nuremberg Gostenhof

In the trendy, multi-cultural Goho Quarter, one feels the pulse of a large city. During our city tour through Nuremberg Gostenhof, we’ll feast on cuisine from all over the world.

If you want to get to know today's Nuremberg, you have to go to Gostenhof: From hip shabby chic to authentic Turkish - in GoHo Nuremberg feels like a big city. The quarter is exciting, lively and a wonderful multifaceted mix of a variety of cultures. During a tour of Nuremberg Gostenhof, you'll hear interesting anecdotes about the history of this part of town and discover GoHo from its most delicious side. We'll explore unusual spots in the quarter, try its specialties and treats from many different countries, visit cafés, shops and restaurants and discover the trendy and lively charm of an area in which people with different interests and cultures live together.

Tour is in German!

Operator: Cookionista

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