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Nuremberg Egidien Quarter

During our culinary city tour through Nuremberg’s Egidien Quarter, you’ll experience exciting contrasts: Vibrant student life, hip restaurants, Baroque architecture and cultural and historical treasures.

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At first, Nuremberg's Egidien Quarter - surrounding the Church of St. Gilles and the university, between Laufer Tower and just around the corner from the Imperial Castle - seems unspectacular, but this area is full of fascinating contrasts and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere! The students of Nuremberg's university draw trendy restaurants to this part of town: From vegan snack shops to coffee-roasting bars, from Asian food to hip cafés. We'll learn about famous Nuremberg cultural figures such as a cloth trader and knight Martin Behaim and the philosopher and forward thinker Phillip Melanchthon. History and enjoyment: Historical highlights and delicious samples. We'll stroll past Baroque churches, hip cafés and long-established businesses. You'll hear not only charming anecdotes, but also, as with all our culinary city tours, enjoy tasty treats and delicious delicacies. Nuremberg's Egidien Quarter is often seen as a "forgotten corner of town" - Discover it anew, enjoy an exceptional city tour and experience culinary and cultural highlights!

Tour is in German!

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