Behind the massive city walls craftsmen traditions are still being cultivated in the small workshops. Pewterers, glass cutters, leather workers, gold and silversmiths, stained glass painters, gingerbread-makers, and a doll-maker offer their wares for sale and let visitors look over their shoulders while they work

The Franconian taverns invite you to enjoy typical Franconian cuisine. In the pre-Christmas period the courtyard is festively adorned with decorative Christmas lighting and also offers a lovely exhibition of crèches.

Key facts:

  • former defensive courtyard embedded in the last Nuremberg city wall
  • Craftmen's Courtyard was created here in 1971 to celebrate 500th anniversary of Albrecht Dürer's birthday intended as an "additional attraction" just for that year; it remains popular until today
  • in the little "Craftmen's Village", hand-made products are on offer and one can observe goldsmiths, doll makers and potters at work