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supermART - the art supermarket

May 2018

It's pARTy time again! For the eigth time, the supermART 2018 takes place at "Auf AEG". It shows a mix of art, music and fashion.

In hall 15, about 85 artists will fascinate the visitors with their artworks, music and fashion. The variety has no limits - only the price is limited, so every person can afford to buy an art object. DJs and Live Paintings will complete the event by Laurentiu Feller. A special highlight this year: Live Taping by the famous Tape Art artists Julian Vogel and Evi Kupfer - be part of the event when on saturday a huge Tape Mural will be emerged!

Date: tba

Location: Hall 15 Auf AEG, Muggenhofer Str. 135, Nürnberg

Price: 2 Euro (children are free)

 more information aboute the supermART (only in German)

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