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Die Blaue Nacht (The Blue Night)

May 5 and 6, 2022

Nuremberg and its art and cultural institutions – museums, churches and clubs – invite guests to enjoy a night of light shows, music and performances at the "Blaue Nacht®". The Blue Night is an innovative event created by Nuremberg cultural institutions that grows in popularity each year.

© Florian Trykowski

Illuminierte Kaiserburg - Foto: © Florian Trykowski

Since 2000, the Blue Night takes place every spring in the Old Town of Nuremberg. For this event, the historical Old Town is bathed in a sea of light, tones and dance. Houses, squares and courtyards are decorated with projected art. An exciting mix of modern art, impressive light installations, innovative performances and music in an historical atmosphere await visitors who love art and culture.

The Blue Night in Nuremberg – A fantastic event

For all participating cultural institutions and churches the Blaue Nacht is the highlight of the year. Growing attendance figures and an attractive and diverse program has made this event into a crowd puller.

Spotlight on art

Since 2007, an artist from the local region is commissioned to create a design for the light projection on Nuremberg’s Imperial Castle – a thrilling highlight of the Blue Night. A new artist is chosen every year. In contrast, the Blue Night Art Competition is international: Artists from all over the world are eager to take part in the Blue Night.

A jury, consisting of representatives from museums and cultural institutions in Nuremberg, judges the projects submitted and decides who can participate in the Blaue Nacht and present their ideas to a larger public. Visitors also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist for the audience prize.

In the years to come, the Blue Night will continue to offer a first-class program of art, culture and music. It will be exciting to see what the organizers of the Blue Night in Nuremberg come up with next.


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Die Blaue Nacht (The Blue Night)
The Long Night of Art & Culture
Hauptmarkt 18
90403 Nürnberg

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May 5 and 6, 2022




Map Die Blaue Nacht (The Blue Night)
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