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Concerts at 6pm in Nuremberg cathedrals and churches

June 5 to 18 2017

Entre cielo y tierra - Between heaven and earth

© Wolfgang Gillitzer

"Of all the composer-guitarists Barrios is the best of all. His music is more well-structured, it is poetic, in fact it has more of everything!“ This is a comment made by the Australian guitarist, John Williams, which expresses his enthusiasm about the Paraguayan composer and Latin America's first guitar virtuoso, Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944). Some of this composer's works testify to his deep religiousness, and are the main focus of this year's six o'clock concerts. You will also hear music from the Baroque period by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann, including Bach's lute music which is considered a gem by every guitarist. In contrast the programme will also spotlight the transcriptions of Telemann's violin fantasies. In addition Stefan Grasse will play his own compositions, who's content and atmosphere were inspired by these great idols.

Concert dates:

Mo, Juni 5: Rundkapelle Altenfurt, Leonhard-Übler-Platz
Tu, June 6: Peterskapelle - Kapellenstr. 12
Wed, June 7: St. Jakobskirche - Jakobsplatz 1
Thu, Jun 8: Burgkapelle St. Walburgis - Kaiserburg
Fr, June 9: Wehrkirche Katzwang - Rennmühlstr. 14
Sa, June 10: St. Johanniskirche - Johannisstr. 57
Sun, June 11: St. Bartholomäuskirche - Wöhrd/Weinickeplatz 2
Mo, June 12: Heilig-Geist-Kapelle - Hans-Sachs-Platz 2/I. Stock
Tu, June 13: St. Sebalduskirche - Sebalder Platz/Winklerstr. 26
Wed, June 14: St. Egidien - Egidienplatz
Thu, June 15: Wehrkirche St. Georg - Kraftshofer Hauptstraße 170
Fr, June 16: Rochuskapelle - Beim Rochuskirchhof 17
Sun, June 18: St. Klarakirche - Königstr. 64

duration: 50 minuten

entry: for free

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