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Franconian Switzerland: A Paradise for Hikers

Franconian Switzerland is bordered by three cities: Bamberg - Bayreuth - Nuremberg. This nature park is one of the oldest and beloved vacation areas in Germany, with a landscape marked by small-scale farms, which meander through charmingly romantic river valleys

© Fränkische Schweiz / Trykowski

Franconian Switzerland is a paradise for hikers who don’t want to dash with a car from castle to castle, but to wander slowly through a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, sampling all it has to offer and enjoying it with all their senses. Its romanticism has been praised by the best authorities: Poets and painters strolled through the countryside more than 200 years ago and captured it in word and on canvas. The Franconian Switzerland Association with its 44 local groups has been taking care of the more than 4000-kilometer-long network of trails for more than 100 years.

 More information at the website of the Franconian Switzerland Tourism Association

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