Schloss Neunhof, one of Nuremberg's best-preserved suburban estates, offers a vivid impression of the summer lifestyle of the city's patrician families from the 16th to the 19th century.

The fortified manor house, with its gate, moat, drawbridge, outbuildings, stables and gardens, constitutes a unique domestic ensemble in the heart of "Knoblauchsland". 

Among the unexpected treasures in the little patrician "Schloss" are two kitchens - one for cooking, the other purely for show! The domestic chapel (ca 1740) contains two altar panels from the Kraftshof church and a playable organ "made in Nuremberg". 

In spring and summer, the beautiful early Baroque garden of Schloß Neunhof attracts many visitors. The picturesque estate is also available for organized children's parties.