In 1996, the Horseradish Museum was opened. It is an initiative of the local historical society and has support from the Bavarian Department for Non-State Museums and the Schamel Horseradish Company.

In a time when many children only know that food comes from the supermarket, museums focusing on specific foods become more important. The idea of this historical collection is to make clear the importance of horseradish as a spice and medicinal plant today and in the past, and to tell the history of this "magical root" as a part of Franconian and Bavarian cultural and economic history. The museum is located in the former administration building of the first Bavarian horseradish factory in the center of the Old Town of Baiersdorf.

Visit the museum and discover horseradish as a culinary and healthy delicacy for your kitchen. Enjoy the stories and documentaries about horseradish and the spice products in the museum shop.

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