Experience the world of the Bible "live" in nomad's tent, at a bazaar, at a millstone, in the Jesus house or at a well.Multi-medial impressions on the subject of the "Bible Today" are available via a Bible film, a music video at the Bible computer or in the audio-center with songs from classical to pop. Plus books of all kinds, from Bibles for children to cookbooks and Bibles in various languages and German translations - and games to try out.

The "Bibel-Erlebnis-Haus" first opened its doors in May 1998, and can be found at Lorenzer Platz 10a and is the only Bible Experience house in Bavaria. The Old Testament comes to life with the help of a Nomads tent, and Bazaar. In addition video sequences along with text books and picture books all help to illustrate the Old Testament. The Jesus House, an illuminating picture with participation sections about the Commandments and the biblical the setting inviting you to meet the message of the New Testament. "The Bible Today" a multimedia presentation: The Bible and children's Bible editions, encyclopaedia, non fiction books, also five cook books. Songs both Pop and Rock. Biblical art from the 20th century, more than forty software programmes about the Bible. All products are available to read, hear, and watch or just to try. For children, adolescents and adults the Bible Experience offers lots of opportunities to look afresh at the Bible. For groups from approx 10 to 60 persons we offer guided tours, we do however require advance notice. In the museum shop the Bayerische Zentralbibelverein has a broad range of videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, non fiction books, specialist literature, postcards - and naturally Bibles in many editions and languages.