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City tour in historical costumes

Join the Empress Elisabeth of Pomerania, wife of Charles IV, and noble woman Helene Scheurl neé Tucher on an amusing walk through the old city of Nuremberg. These two charming ladies will lure you back in time. Encounter a city full of history and legends, discover traces of its glorious past and also learn spicy details about the lives of the powerful, the famous and the rich.

Are you a host of an international group? Are you looking for a varied entertainment tour after a strenuous meeting? Let us then bring the past back to life for you and your guests. Our stride through history offers everything from entertainment to an enjoyable walk and, of course, relaxation.

Duration German Foreign language
90 Minuten352.00 €396.00 €
Valid from 1.1.2022 / optional extras (e.g. admission fees etc.) are not included.

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