City Tours in Nuremberg

You can best discover Nuremberg with a city tour: whether by foot, with a bus or in combination. The city offers groups a wide variety of tours of every type. Please find below a list with out most popular and most booked tours.

We offer city tours in the following languages: 

Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.


2 hours German language: from 110 €, each additional hour 31 €
2 hours forgeign language: from 130 €, each additional hour 37 €

You can choose any meeting point.

Visits to the following require additional admission fees: Imperial Castle (6 € / person), Church of St. Lorenz (1 €/ person) or St. Sebald (2 €/ person). The Church of Our Lady is free of charge. If you intend to visit the interior any of these buildings, booking a three- or four-hour tour is recommended.

Nuremberg Top Tours for Groups

Old Town Walking Tour

This general Nuremberg walking tour for groups lasts between two, three or four hours. Nuremberg's...

Coach Tours

Tours of Nuremberg with your own bus or a charter bus, will help you discover more than just the Old...

Combination Tour

If you would like to combine a walking tour with a bus tour (own coach is needed), this is the right...

Old Town Walking Tour with Historic Art Bunker

The tour includes an Old Town Walking Tour and discover the most important attractions in the Old...

Old Town Walking Tour with Historic Rock-Cut Cellars

Discover the Unterground Nuremberg and the Historic Old Town. Get to know more about the important...

Tour with the CITY TOUR Mini-Train

Ride with CITY TOUR through the Old Town and the unique history of Nuremberg. The tour starts at the...

The Imperial Castle in the Course of Time

The Imperial Castle is a testimony in stone to the medieval power of emperors and kings, residing...

The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Up to the present day the "Nuremberg Rallies", the "Nuremberg Laws" and the "Nuremberg Trials" link...

Nuremberg Reservation Guided Tours

If you don't want to book your guided tour online, please send us your written reservation at least three weeks before your visit. Shorter booking times are possible, in exceptional cases.

Please give us your complete address and telephone number, which helps us with organizing your tour.


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Nuremberg More City Tours

If you are interested in other tours like culinary tours or costumed guided tours, please contact us!

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